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Columbus Web Analytics Wednesdays

Every month at Columbus Web Analytics Wednesdays we meet up, share some great conversions about digital analytics and of course eat and drink as well! "Analytics+food+drinks" has long been our tagline, and thanks to our sponsors we've been providing event participants with free food and drink for years.

Since we are now virtual, we thought it would be a good idea to flip the script a little. Instead of feeding our members, we're asking our members to help feed those who really need it right now. Because sending Dave Culbertson door-to-door with pizza for families in need didn't seem like the most fully-optimized use of resources, we decided to give money to the local experts at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective - and we hope that you will too.

No cbuswaw message would be complete without metrics, so here's a good one: service visits the first week of April to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank onsite Kroger Community Food Pantry increased 169% over the same week in 2019.

With support from our sponsors we'll be matching the first $1,000 raised in this campaign.

Thanks to our 2020 sponsors for their support: InfoTrust, Clarivoy, TeamBuilder Search, and Claravine.

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